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Cognosco Media is a new type of publisher

The twenty-first century author is no longer confined to the printed page. We work with you across all digital platforms. In addition to traditional print publishing Cognosco is developing a suite of tools to support authors.

Digital Tools

Our digital tools are available for authors of other publishers. We want to support independent authors whether or not they publish with us. Check out the Brain Bump app and resources pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you create Brain Bump?

Cognosco Media is about content. Content comes in many forms, not just books. We will continue to develop tools to support content of many types, in many forms.


Is there a fee to submit or publish?

No. We are not a vanity press or self-publisher, so there is no fee to you, ever. We pay you with an advance and royalties.


Are these print, e-books, or audio?

If we don’t think it will sell as a print book, we won’t take it on. E-books and audiobooks are determined based on market fit, but we prefer books that work in multiple genres.


Do I need an agent?

No, although if you have one let us know upfront. It does help.


How many books do you look to publish per year?

We’re a small shop and focus on quality, we also don't just do books, so a very small number.


Why should I publish with Cognosco Media?

We’re not like the big publishing houses, but we do punch above our weight. We will work more closely with you and give you more input and control of your book than other publishers while still having a solid book production and marketing program.

We are a small, independent publisher, but we are not a vanity publisher. We will never charge you to publish your book with us.

Submission Guidelines

Cognosco Media focuses on books that help people develop their professional skills. This primary falls under general business, career, career-related skills, pop psychology, and related topics. Fiction or biographies need to be very directed in their narrative towards teaching the readers business skills.

We welcome first time authors, but do not accept previously published material (e.g. taking an e-book and trying to move it to print).

Your proposal should include:

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Who you are and why you’re an authority
Description of the market and how you are unique in your approach
Marketing Platforms
Any marketing platforms you have
Book Outline
An outline of the book
Writing Sample
A writing sample (no more than a chapter)
DO NOT SEND a full manuscript

Contact Us

Please fill out the form to get in touch, enquire about bulk orders, to submit a book proposal. To get your content on Brain Bump APPLY HERE.

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