Cognosco User Guidelines

Effective September 8th, 2023

Brain Bump is a product of Cognosco Media, LLC (“Company”). The Cognosco User Guidelines ("User Guidelines") apply when using the Company’s services that reference these User Guidelines and/or the Terms of Service including accessing any type of any Content as defined in the Terms of Service.

We may update these User Guidelines from time to time. You can find the latest version of the User Guidelines on our website.

Violating these User Guidelines or the Terms of Service may result in removal of any content or material you've contributed to the Services and/or termination or suspension of your account. You cannot use the Services if your account was previously suspended or terminated. You may not attempt to circumvent prior enforcement actions, including, but not limited to, through the creation of new accounts.

The following is not permitted for any reason whatsoever in relation to the Services themselves or through any material or content made available through the Services, or any part thereof:

  1. decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, isolate, separate, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code from any Services, software, Content, or documentation, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation. If applicable law allows you to decompile any part of the Services, software, or Content you may a) only do so to the extent allowed by law, b) not disclose it to third parties without prior written permission from the Company, and c) not do so in an attempt to create any software or service that is substantially similar and/or competes with any or all of the Services, in part or in whole;
  2. you may not remove, obscure, or alter copyright notices, trademark notices, or other proprietary rights notices affixed to or contained within the Content, Services, software, or documentation;
  3. copying, reproducing, recording, transferring, "ripping," performing, framing,  redistributing, broadcasting, or making publicly accessible, or any other use which is not expressly permitted under the Agreements or applicable law, or which otherwise infringes intellectual property rights;
  4. scraping, manually or by automated means (including, but not limited to, bots, scrapers, and/or spiders), to view, access, or collect Content, or to otherwise gather information;
  5. uploading, importing, authorizing, or making accessible or available to the Services any content for which you are not the copyright holder or otherwise authorized by the copyright holder to do so;
  6. copying or transferring cached or local Content, including, but not limited to, that stored in local memory, files systems, and databases, from any device to any other device or server via any means;
  7. providing anyone other than you access to your account (including, but not limited to, sharing, selling, reselling, renting, or subscriptions) with or without the exchange of money or any other type of compensation, except as expressly permitted under the Terms;
  8. artificially impacting (including increasing) Content downloads or any other type of Content access or Content metrics of any type, artificially promoting Content, or other manipulation including by a) using any bot, script or other automated process, b) providing or accepting any form of compensation (financial or otherwise), or c) any other means;
  9. circumventing any technology used by the Company, its licensors, or any third party, including any access, or registration, or any security measures and/or Content licensing or protection;
  10. using any of the Content to “train” generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to generate text or for other purposes.

Please respect the Company, the Services, the Content owners, the Creators, the Consumers, and the other users of the Services. Don't engage in any activity, post any Content (including, but not limited to, Content generated by users), which is or includes material that:

  1. Is offensive, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, discriminatory, threatening, harassing, obscene, intentionally harmul, or advocates or incites violence, of any type;
  2. is defamatory, libelous, or otherwise untrue;
  3. is illegal, or intended to promote or commit an illegal act of any kind, including, but not limited to, violations of intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or proprietary rights of the Company, the Content owners, or a third party, or would violate any agreement to which you are a party, including, but not limited to, an exclusive content agreement or publishing agreement;
  4. exposes, shares, or makes accessible confidential or proprietary information of a third party;
  5. includes malicious content such as malware, Trojan horses, worms, corrupt files, or viruses, or which otherwise interferes with or harms the Services (including, but not limited to, its software, hardware, and network), its Content, its data, or any of its users or their devices;
  6. involves unauthorized commercial or sales activities, such as advertising, promotions, lead generation, contests, sweepstakes, gambling, multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, or spam;
  7. unauthorized promotion, linking, or other references to commercial products or services, except as expressly authorized by the Company;
  8. conflicts with the Company’s or Services’ Terms of Service, User Guidelines, or any other terms or policies applicable to your use of any of the Services;
  9. impersonates, directly or indirectly, another person, organization, or entity, or in anyway misrepresents you or your qualifications (or lack thereof); or
  10. has been removed from any of our services before. This includes content being created, repurposed, or altered in any way to achieve the same objective as previously removed Content.