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There are literally thousands of articles out there about publishing, from vendors, authors, and others. Below we’ve gathered some of the best research we’ve found to help you on your way.

Yes, some are from competitors and some are for self-publishers (even how to create your own publishing company). We want to support all authors, whether you publish with us or not.

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Sales & Marketing

  1. The 13 Pre-Order Strategies That Increase Book Sales
  2. Pricing & Margins
  3. SLJ’s Average Book Prices for 2022
  4. Average price of a book by year (search results)
  5. eBook Pricing Strategies to Sell More Books and Maximize Author Earnings
  6. The Book Discount Beat Goes on at Amazon
  7. Retail Margins, Trade Discounts, and What it Means to Authors
  8. Self-Publishing Basics: Understanding Book Discounts
  9. Understanding Wholesale Discounts When Self-Publishing a Book
  10. Metadata
  11. A Self-Publisher’s Guide to Metadata for Books
  12. Best Seller Lists
  13. How Bestseller Lists Actually Work -- And How To Get On Them
  14. How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List
  15. The convoluted world of best-seller lists, explained
  16. Why Is Every Author A #1 Bestselling Author?
  17. Amazon Description
  18. How to Write Amazon book descriptions – that sell your book
  19. How to Craft the Perfect Amazon Book Description
  20. 4 Tips For Writing A Killer Book Description That Sells On Amazon
  21. How to Improve Your Amazon Book Description & Metadata
  22. How Writers Can Optimize Their Book’s Description on Amazon
  23. Website
  24. 6 Things Your Website Should Tell Book Reviewers About You (and Your Book)
  25. How to Build an Author Website: Getting Started Guide
  26. 5 Things the Best Author Websites of 2021 Have in Common
  27. Podcasts
  28. The Ultimate Guide to Getting On Podcasts as a Guest
  29. Pitching Podcasts: An Author’s Guide to Doing it Right
  30. How To Get Podcast Interviews (+ Free Pitch Outreach Templates)
  31. Author Interviews: How to Land Appearances on Podcasts for Book Promotion
  32. Local
  33. Go Local: Marketing Books to Targeted Communities
  34. Book Launch
  35. 9 Secrets to a Successful Book Launch Party
  36. Book Launch Success Stories – Using Existing Audiences to Launch Big
  37. Book Launch: How to Launch a Book for More Sales [Printable Checklist]
  38. 3 Secret Book Launch Strategies to Increase Your Impact
  39. 18 Ideas for a Successful Book Launch
  40. Press Releases
  41. How to Write a Book Press Release in 9 Steps [+ Free Template]
  42. How To Write A Press Release For A Book
  43. 7 Myths of Using Press Releases to Promote Your Books
  44. Social Media
  45. The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Writers 2023
  46. Why Most Authors Don’t Need Social Media in 2023
  47. How Successful Authors Use Social Media: 24 Content Ideas
  48. General
  49. How to Create a Viral Book Trailer (or Get 1,000,000 Views for Almost Anything)
  50. 50 Book Marketing Ideas Every Author Needs to Know
  51. How to Promote Your Book: 8 Sales-Boosting Steps for Authors
  52. How The Lean Startup Became A Best Seller (And Movement)
  53. Everything You Wanted to Know about Book Sales (But Were Afraid to Ask)
  54. How Authors Can Get Bookscan Numbers
  55. How This Self-Published Author Sold 800,000 Copies of Her Books
  56. How to Sell Your Self-Published Book to Bookstores
  57. Selling e-Books
  58. What to Consider When Selling eBooks on Your Website: Pros, Cons and Tools
  59. How to sell your ebooks online (plus common misconceptions debunked)
  60. Where To Sell Your eBooks: 8 Online Platforms You Simply Must Try
  61. 20 Websites to Sell and Publish Your eBooks
  62. 18 Tools to Publish and Sell an Ebook
  63. Book Signing
  64. Debut Author Lessons: 10 things about signing books
  65. 5 Best Pens for Author Book Signings (Buyer’s Guide)
  66. Sales Data
  67. Best Book Sales Tracker: How to Track Book Sales Across All Platforms