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The patent pending Brain Bump app lets users better remember your content while also elevating your brand awareness and engagement.

Read on to see how Brain Bump lets you promote your brand using existing content.

About Brain Bump

The Brain Bump app is free and is available in Google Play (GET THE APP) and the Apple App Store (GET THE APP). The app will let you access, for free, content from authors, podcasters, and other content creators.

For more about the app and it's benefits to the app users see the Brain Bump website. This page explains the benefits to the content creators and publishers who can put quotes from books, blogs, podcasts, classes, and talks onto the Brain Bump server to make it available on the app.

Content Creator Benefits

As content creators we want to help people learn and grow. You also know that staying top of mind helps to build your brand and drive traffic. Brain Bump is a new channel that helps both content creators and content consumers.

Putting highlights of your existing content on the app let's you

- Engage your audience, letting them get your content when and where they need it, building your brand and their trust in it.
- Find new audiences, having your existing content be discovered by new people on the app.
- Drive traffic (page views and plays), as the highlights link back to your websites and other content.
- Promote your back catalog, your content is evergreen, content is promoted based on a relevance, not timestamp.
- Get insights, see what content is resonating with your audience to guide future efforts.
- Write once, read many, unlike social media you don't need to post regularly; you upload your content once but it is read every day by someone looking for your content at that time.

Learn more about Brain Bump for Content Creators.

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Publisher Benefits

Publisher have tools to manage a portfolio of content assets. The Content Creators will still have full access to their content but you will have access to manage and seee data for all content in your portfolio.

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Example Use Cases

Brain Bump takes content from books, blogs, podcasts, classes, and talks. Most any type of content fits into those categories (e.g. articles = blogs, webinars = talks). Brain Bump let's you continue to engage your audience after the last word is read or the AV player is closed.

Your content is about engage new and existing audiance members to built their trust in you in the hopes of having them become clients for your other products or services. Even once they finish with your initial content, Brain Bump keeps them engaged with your content and your brand.

- After hearing your talk, your audiance will get a daily reminder of your insights, leading them to bring you back for additional talks or consulting. The QR code specific to your content can be added to your last slide and the audiance needs only a single click.
- During or after reading your book, readers better retain your ideas. Word of mouth marketing presupposes they remember your book and the value it brings. The QR code or URL specific to your content can be added to your print book, e-book, or website, and the reader gets it in just one click.
- Podcasts and blog posts are one and done experiences; with Brain Bump they stay engaged even after finishing. Simply add the QR code or URL specific to your content in your show notes.
- A class is a big investment of time and money. Tools like Brain Bump will help them retain what they learn, giving your students a better ROI. Include the QR code or URL specific to your content in your last slide, class notes, or on your website.

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Media Kit

If you're interested in having us speak about Brain Bump, pull media, and the future of media, you can download the Brain Bump Media Kit and then reach out to us.

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