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Have you ever read a business or self-help book only to forget most of the advice a few weeks later? Did you ever listen to a podcast but have trouble remembering the story you heard or the ideas discussed? All that time wasted. What if there was an easy way to remember that required only 2 seconds a day?

Now you can with the patent pending Brain Bump app. It helps you passively learn and remember the things you read and hear.

We're available for android (GET FOR ANDROID) and iPhone (GET FOR IPHONE).

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About the Brain Bump App

The Brain Bump app is free and is available in Google Play (GET THE APP) and the Apple App Store (GET THE APP). The app will let you access, for free, content from authors, podcasters, and other content creators.

The app works in the background and can help you learn and retain content even if you don't open it.

For App Users

Have you ever read a book and thought, these are great ideas I need to remember, only to forget them a week later? Do you ever listen to a podcast episode, but forget the key takeaways soon after? Do you wish you could remember or directly access the key ideas from the content you consume, when and where you want it?

That's what Brain Bump is for. There are three modes of use:

1) The app works in the background and can help you learn and retain content even if you don't open it. Each day you'll get a daily reminder, at a time you set to help you remember. It's like a daily affirmation but with ideas from the content you consume. (We never send a notifications other than at the time you requested--adn you can always turn them off if you don't want them.)
2) Open the app to quickly refresh some ideas before a meeting or do some other just-in-time recall.
3) Go into the app to search for what you're trying to remember (or save them to your favorites).

Unlike social media you get

- What you want, the specific content you want to get (not the content they felt like posting that day).
- When you want it, choose when to access the content (not when someone else chose to post it or send it).
- And be done, unlike social media we don't want to keep you on the app; get what you need and close it.

See the instructions for using the app.

For Content Creators

As content creators we want to help people learn and grow. You also know that staying top of mind helps to build your brand and drive traffic. Brain Bump is a new channel that helps both content creators and content consumers.

Putting highlights of your existing content on the app let's you

- Engage your audience, letting them get your content when and where they need it, building your brand and their trust in it.
- Find new audiences, having your existing content be discovered by new people on the app.
- Drive traffic (page views and plays), as the highlights link back to your websites and other content.
- Write once, read many, unlike social media you don't need to post regularly; you upload your content once but it is read every day by someone looking for your content at that time.

If you're interested in having your content online, APPLY HERE.