Brain Bump Is the Professional Development Tool We Always Wanted, but Didn’t Know Existed

What if there was an app to help you remember books and podcasts that you didn’t even have to open to use?

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How many times have you read a business or self-help book, only to forget the ideas a week later? How often are you listening to a podcast while at the gym or while driving but then forget the takeaway once you’re back home? It happened to me far too often.

I used to take notes on the books I read–but then I’d never looked at the notes. You may do this, too; whether you highlight in the book, or write explicit notes, how often do you go back and look at them again? It makes much of that time spent learning seem like a waste.

when and where you read ideas isn’t when and where you need ideas

The root problem is that when and where you read ideas isn’t when and where you need ideas. Consider, you read networking tips while sitting on your couch, but you need those networking tips five minutes before you walk into the conference. What's needed is just-in-time information, also known as context relevant advice. In theory your e-book reader or podcast app is always in your pocket, but it's a significant effort to find the specific advice you want, making it impractical.

On the other hand, to be a good manager, especially in a new role, there’s a thousand and one things you need to remember, but you can’t cram them all in your head at once. We know spaced repetition works, but most people don’t re-read books or re-listen to podcasts. While there are notetaking and flashcard apps, you’re not likely to want, or even remember, to open the app each day.

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The Brain Bump app offers both access modes. You can open the app and pull up the advice as you need it; search by topic or save important ideas to favorites. You can also set an automatic push notification. For example, you can get those management tips every day at 9am as you head into work (and stress relief tips at 5pm each day as you leave the office). You don’t even need to open the app; it can be set to push a notification to your phone, taking just two seconds to glance at it and swipe it away (or click it to open it in the app). Importantly, the app doesn’t send any unrequested notifications, so you can keep notifications on without worrying about being pestered and interrupted.

There have been book summary apps, but you forget the ideas in them as quickly as you forget them in the book. There are note taking apps, but most people won’t take notes, and even fewer people look at them again. Flashcard apps require you to create the ideas and then go back and look at them–not something you’re going to do if there’s not a formal test. None were purpose built for remembering ideas you get from books, blogs, podcasts, talks, and online classes. Brain Bump was designed to fill that gap. And it’s completely free!

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Disclaimer: Cognosco Media, LLC is the publisher of the Brain Bump app.