Brain Bump

Brain Bump is an app to help you find and retain things you learn in books, podcasts, blogs, and other sources. Brain Bump just launched so limited content to start, please bear with us and give us your ideas and feedback. This app is made to be useful to you and everything is 100% free!

Get Content

On the Library can find books, podcasts, blogs, and other content available on the platform. Select the content you’re interested in and add it in the app. All of the content is free and, like streaming services, we continue to add additional content every month. You can then view or search search for the highlights of the content. The author / host already did the hard work for you pulling out some of the key things you’ll want to remember.

You can also scan the QR code for Brain Bump content either from the Library page or using your phone's camera. This will add the content to your app.

Once it's in your library, clicking the title of the content will bring up more information about it. Clicking the cover image will take you to tips from that content.

Passive Reminders

Each set of content comes with a default notification. On the Notifications can set the time to get the notification on your phone when you want it. You can read it and swipe it away, or tap to open it in app.

Investing two seconds a day will help you remember the ideas using the proven technique of spaced repetition. The notification lets you passively get reminded of the content without even needing to open the app on your phone.

While each set of content comes with a notification, you can also create additional custom notifications from content, topics of interest, or your saved favorites using the plus the bottom of the page. You can click the time to adjust it, toggle notifications on/off individually with the check boxes, or altogether using the toggle ..................... Clicking the name of the custom notification you created will let you edit the tips it includes.

Review Just in Time

You can also open the app and flip through tips as needed, anytime by clicing All Tips......on the navigation bar. Use the heart to save favorites and use filters or search to narrow what you see. You can filter by a) content, b) categories (e.g. get leadership tips from across all the content you installed), or c) your favorites.

The tips link back to the source. The content name (e.g. book or podcast title) is linked to the website while the title of the episode or blog post is linked to that specific URL.


If you find any bugs or have ay feedback please let us know. Email us at

Authors / Podcasters / Bloggers / Speakers / Instructors

Are you an author, podcaster, speaker, or instructor? Would you like to have your content included? You can APPLY HERE.

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Why did you create Brain Bump?

Conosco Media is about content. Content comes in many forms, not just books. We will continue to develop tools to support content of many types, in many forms.

What content is on the app?

Many book summary apps add content without the author's permission. We don't write summaries, but do have the key takeaways. Those other apps charge you to use them because the have to source, read, and summaries the books. Authors hate those apps because they are made without the author's permission.

We only have content that the content owner provides. The author, host, speaker, or instructor needs to want to put their content on the app. We won't add it without their consent.

What type of content is allowed on the app?

To start, we're sticking to business content (e.g. entrepreneurship, marketing, careers, leadership). As we grow we'll add content in other categories such as health and wellness, relationships, philosophy and religion, etc.

How do I get my content on the app?

If you'd like to have your content included, you can APPLY HERE. Even if you content is not business content let us know and we'll put you on the list for when we expand.

What if there's a book, podcast, blog, or other content I'd like to see on the app?

Ideally contact the author/host and tell them about the app. Alternatively you can contact us and we can reach out to them. (But it carries more weight when you do.)

Is there a cost to the app?

The app is completely free and we have no plans to ever charge for it.